Tony Hindhaugh



Having been involved with Hospitality for over 20 years at a senior level, Tony has an exceptional understanding of outstanding hospitality and how to engage with customers through confident and effective communication.

Tony is currently working with some of the worlds leading restaurant brands on delivering crew and head office training, with exceptional results.

A regular key note and motivational speaker on hospitality, Tony’s approach is simple, but very effective.

If you would like to discuss hospitality with Tony, please contact him using the form below.

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Chefs Training

As a chef, the days of being stuck in the kitchen are gone.  The job is seen as aspirational as opposed to the last option and that has opened up many exciting revenue opportunities to explore.

Tony runs training sessions in some of the leading culinary schools in the world teaching chefs to effectively and confidently communicate while cooking.  He specialises in developing chefs into brands and creating Social Media Chefs and works with a small number .

If you would like to know more about Tony’s work with chefs, visit or send hime a message on the form below.


About Me

I have worked in the communications environment for over 20 years now.

My professional career has been very varied and allowed me to develop skills in a number of sectors….and communication has been fundamental in them all.

After reading law at University, I quickly went into the commercial sector working in the oil and gas industry for a few years and then found myself running a successful gastro pub chain in Northumberland, which is where my passion for food and wine developed.

After several years, I decided to tie together my keen interest in media with food and wine and was lucky enough to buy a small wine farm in South Africa as well as launch a TV Presenter career, starting off with the Discovery Channel and a number of others.

Following years of being in front of the camera, I wanted to use my communication skills and explore life behind the camera.  I founded a Company called TV Training, based at the iconic Pinewood Studios and whilst the main business was training people for TV presenting.  I was drawn towards corporate work and found myself heavily involved in training a number of blue chip retail and restaurant clients on customer engagement and hospitality.

Now operating internationally as a director of a communications Company, I have found myself in a lucky position of working with some of the biggest hospitality and culinary brands in the world with tens of thousands of restaurants as well as small independent restauranteurs with only one unit.  The communication skills required are the same.

Everyday I am thankful for the opportunities that have come my way, but I can honestly say, that confident and effective communication, whatever the subject, has opened up those doors for me to walk through.